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That remarkable little Worcestershire Town - looking over a true English scene - Household Words, Charles Dickens 1850

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Redditch is an attractive mixture of both old and new periods in our island’s history.

Designated a new town in 1964, it was unusual for such a development in already having an established town with a population of nearly 30,000 as it’s base.

Over the 20 years of new town construction, which more than doubled the population, the Development Corporation carefully blended the old and the new.

Major developments took place in terms of a well designed modern road system, a modern enclosed shopping centre, with an important art work designed by Eduardo  Paolozzi, and modern housing and industrial developments throughout the area.

The designation of the town as a new town saved the railway line to Birmingham from the Beeching axe and it provides a regular and efficient service.

The town’s development significantly increased the number of hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and the easy access to the motorway network increased the number of companies operating from the area.

However, the history of the town was not forgotten……….

The attractive Church Green, with it’s 19th century Stephen’s Church along with the historic fountain and bandstand, were carefully preserved, and, close by, the famous Palace Theatre, designed by Bertie Crewe, was carefully renovated.

 Beyond the town centre the Arrow Valley was developed into a major park, a large lake was created, paths along the river built and the historic Forge Mill became the National Needle Museum. At the same time, a visitor centre was created for the Bordesley Abbey ruins and the site excavated and opened up to visitors.

The result is a town, both old and new, which has its own attractions but also provides and ideal base for visiting the stunning countryside and industrial heritage of Central England



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